Canadian Geography

Background Readings for the Geography of Manitoba, No. ... The Moose Mountain Papers: Studies by Prairies and Plains Geographers: Proceedings of the 1985 Prairie Canadian Association of ... V-29 Semple, R. Keith, and Lawrence W. Martz.

Canadian Geography

Canadian Geography: A Scholarly Bibliography is a compendium of published works on geographical studies of Canada and its various provinces. It includes works on geographical studies of Canada as a whole, on multiple provinces, and on individual provinces. Works covered include books, monographs, atlases, book chapters, scholarly articles, dissertations, and theses. The contents are organized first by region into main chapters, and then each chapter is divided into sections: General Studies, Cultural and Social Geography, Economic Geography, Historical Geography, Physical Geography, Political Geography, and Urban Geography. Each section is further sub-divided into specific topics within each main subject. All known publications on the geographical studies of Canada—in English, French, and other languages—covering all types of geography are included in this bibliography. It is an essential resource for all researchers, students, teachers, and government officials needing information and references on the varied aspects of the environments and human geographies of Canada.

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